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Neobux Strategy For Earn Thousand Dollars Easy


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Looking to earn extra cash online?
Join our dedicated community for free now and start earning cash for your online activities, including:
- Visiting Websites - Taking Surveys
- Completing Offers - Completing Tasks
- Playing ClixGrid - Contests
- Shopping Online - Referring Others

Member Benefits
• Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available
• Earn Up To $0.02 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click
• Earn Even More With Our Affiliate Program
• Payments Via Check, Payza, PayPal and Liberty Reserve
• Win ClixGrid Daily Prizes and Participation in Weekly Contests
• Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily

Advertiser Benefits
• Very Cost-Effective Packages with Thousands of Potential Customers
• Only One Click per Member is Counted for PTC Ads, no Repeats
• PTC Ads contains Demographics Filter and Detailed Statistics
• PTC Ads Visible to non-Members for Free
• Strong Anti-Cheat Protection
• Customer Oriented Business and Bulk Advertising Discounts Available


Member Benefit

As a member you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements we display.

- Enhanced management
- Millions of potential clients
- Demographic filter
- Strong anti-cheat protection
- Detailed statistics
- Your needs, your choice
- AdPrize Credits

Main benefits

- Effortless income
- Earn from home
- Guaranteed ads daily
- Detailed statistics
- Upgrade opportunities
- A dedicated community
- AdPrize + Offers


You can advertise your website to help increase your sales and traffic.

- Secure and stable environment
- Professional support
- Instant services
- High traffic
- Innovative ideas
- Customer oriented business

About us

We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

Dear PTC User!!!!!

Neobux is one of the internet's most innovative and lucrative money making PTC's. With nearly 20,000,000 members, this proves without a doubt that they are a legitimate company. In the 4 years that they have been online, they have paid over $80 million to their members. That is good news right?

If they paid out over 80 million in cashouts to almost 20 million members, that means the average Neobux user makes $4.00. That doesn't add up if you ask me. But wait, aren't lots of people making ultra profits from Neobux? Sure, you hear success stories and see payment proofs of those users who are making it big...

But what about most other users - people like you and me?
The ugly truth of the matter is, most people who join PTC's, also known as "pay to click" sites, barely make any money, and those who've invested money come out at a loss. Many of those who try PTC's do so with the right intentions...they work hard patiently, hoping to eventually make profit. But after months of hard work, they are not seeing results, become frustrated, and ultimately give up.
And it's not their fault.
I have seen so many good people quit these programs out of sheer frustration that it saddens me...yet that is the reality of the system.
One very important part of success is direct referrals. But they are not that easy to get... you have to promote, promote, promote. And after all that work, you still didn't get any referrals.
Does getting referrals feel like this?

So why do most people fail in PTC's?
The answer is simple: they do not have a working strategy. They joined Neobux with unrealistic expectations, hoping to make it rich quick. But when they realize that it is not making money fast, they start to become frustrated and lose hope. If this is you right now, then you are at the right place - keep reading and don't miss a word.
You've probably tried to find the answer on some blog or random website - and you searched frantically, hoping to find that one answer that will solve all your problems. Afte reading some strategies, you tried different ways to recycle referrals, renew referrals, and renting referrals. But none of them seem to produce the results you wanted.
My name is Benjamin, and I have been using PTC's for over 3 years now. I understand your frustration - because I've been there. I know what it's like to to work extremely hard at PTC's and not get the results. I'd click everyday diligently, rent referrals and try to do the "math" ... but when I stare at my account balance, I wonder if the work I do is worth it.
I began to ask myself, what was I doing wrong? What was I doing differently than others who were successful? I began searching for the answer...and I found bits and pieces of information that helped, but never a complete solution. So I continued to search frantically. And what I discovered shocked me.

Introducing the Ultimate Strategy
In the Neobux Ultimate Strategy eBook, I am going to show you what the top 10% of Neobux users are doing to make tremendous profits in Neobux...and it works for any pay to click site. The principles are the same no matter what program you are in.
You're probably skeptical right now, wondering how much is all this going to cost you. But before we get there, let me ask you something...
Are you one of those users who make only $4.00 from Neobux?

Does this describe you...
You join Neobux with much excitement, and you click on ads diligently like you're supposed to. Then you rent some referrals (which took you a while, since you make 0.001 per click) and hope that they click actively and earn for you. But those referrals become inactive, and you recycle them, hoping the new ones will be better. By now, even though you have lots of referrals, you still have to constantly replace them, and you're barely making profit.
Then you become frustrated and stop clicking, and join a new PTC.
And then you go back to step 1, and the pattern repeats itself. Then you begin to wonder why you're not being rewarded for doing the right thing. Aren't you tired of living in this vicious cycle of failure? Don't you want a way out?
With this strategy, you can say goodbye to the following problems:
  • No more wondering why you aren't profiting, even though you have rented referrals
  • No more struggling to find direct referrals
  • No more wondering if you are recycling the right way
  • No more staring at your account balance and being disappointed
Skeptical? Then look at all these referrals...

Does This Work with Multi Level PTC's?
400+ Referrals for Clixzing in 2 Weeks!
800 Referrals for PeopleString
Yes, it absolutely works for multi-level PTC's. In fact, it works for all PTC's, period.
You too can have these kinds of results with the Neobux Ultimate Strategy.

You've tried the rest...
Now try the ultimate! There are a lot of "PTC Success" ebooks out there. Most of them will only give you bits and pieces. Frankly, who'd want to share ALL their secrets to wealth with the public? The Neobux Ultimate Strategyv doesn't give you bits and pieces, it gives you the total solution you need to excel at Neobux.

What is included in the strategy guide?
  • How to get 40+ direct referrals virtually overnight for any PTC you want
  • How to set up a system that allows you to get referrals on auto-pilot
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that 90% of users make that prevents them from succeeding - don't follow these rules, and you will end up like most others
  • How to determine which referrals are profitable and which ones to recycle, leaving you an army of active clickers
  • Also included are bonus ebooks



Personal Earning:  

* Get Paid to click - Earn up to $0.10 per visit
* Get Paid to sign up - Earn up to $100 for each offer
* Get paid instantly - Payments within seconds!
* Get paid via Paypal or Alertpay - Low $2 payout limit *
Referal Earning :
 * Get Paid to refer - Earn up to 0.5 cents per referral visit
* Up to 6% for the signup offers completed by referrals
* Up to 20% for the upgrades in your downline
* Get 30 cents for every referral who reaches $3


          Profit Clicking

 Discover the Power of....

Something Positive Always Happening!

  • Profit Clicking and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 (now public domain)
  • It's Possible to Start with Just $10 and Turn It into a Fortune! With our Pay-It-Forward System You Get "$10 Free Money" to Get You Started at No Cost!
  • Every Day, when You Log into Profit Clicking, You'll See that "Something Positive Has Happened": Click on three websites a day and Receive Your Generous Daily Commissions. With most other programs, when you log into your account, you see that nothing has changed, and you may interpret this as "Nothing is Happening!" -- not satisfying!
  • Basically, You Receive Generous Commissions Every Day! No Sponsoring Requirements. Receive Your Easily-Earned Money Promptly! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you've ever seen!
  • Sponsor People to Earn Generous Referral Bonuses on Two Levels! You Can Withdraw this Money Daily!
  • Practically All Similar Programs Slow Down, Stall, and Disappear. This has Literally Happened to Thousands of Programs. Fortunately, Profit Clicking is Indefinitely Sustainable!
  • Enrich Yourself  
  • Joining the Profit Clicking Stampede!


     You can earn in 8 different ways : 
     * Earn by Clicking Ads
     * Earn through AutoSurfing
     * Earn by Viewing Videos
     * Earn by Liking the Webpages
     * Earn by Completing Offers
     * Earn through Traffic Exchange
     * Earn by Promoting your PTP Link
     * Earn by Clicking Email Ads


    Member Benefit

    * Paid to Click, Read, Promote and Sign Up
    * $0.10 Minimum Payout Standard | No-Minimum For Premium
    * Earn Upto $0.50/CPM from PTP
    * 10% Referral Earnings for Free Members
    * Upto 200% Referral Earnings for Upgraded Members
    * Payments via Paypal/AlertPay

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    We're All About Quality
    Are you looking to advertise your website on the cheap without compromising quality?
    Incentria can help you with that! We have a huge base of quality, active members who are
    eager to view your website and increase your profit margin. For the cost and quality of our
    advertising, Incentria cannot be beat!

    * Get paid to visit websites.
    * Get paid to complete simple offers.
    * Exchange Traffic with other members for free.
    * Promote Incentria and get up to $0.20 CPM.
    * Request a payment at $1.
    * Fast payments through PayPal or AlertPay
    * Earn up to 100% from your referrals.
    * Online over 2 years!

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    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

    How To Earn Money in WordLinx
    1. Click Browse Ads and click one of the paid links at the top of the page. Then click the button that appears.
    2. A new window will open. Wait for the countdown timer, then click Remove Frame at the top of the page.
    3. Return to Browse Ads and click Refresh page. Your balance will increase. Repeat process for all adverts.

    How To Share Links in WordLinx
    1. Click on the 'Browse Ads' link above, then click on 'Share Link' on any of the $0.01 (1 cent) paid adverts.
    2. At the top of the new page, click to share on the social network or your choice, or use the 'ShareThis' link.
    3. Visitors to your shared link will be able to view the advertiser's site and join your WordLinx downline.

    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


    Quality Advertising
    Our premium advertising services present an excellent opportunity for you to get valuable traffic to your site at very affordable and competitive pricing. As any internet businessperson will tell you, quality traffic equates to quality leads and customers.

    Earning Opportunity
    Here in the world of Clicksia, you can earn an extra stream of income by completing simple tasks; We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites, and other advertisers will pay you even more to join their various programs!


    Members Benefits

    Paid to Click - Click on ads and get paid up to 0.01$ each Paid to Read - Read short ads followed by a quick look at a page, paid up to 0.0025$ each..
    Sign up - Complete sign up offers for free sites and receive 5-25 cents.
    Paid to Promote -Promote and get up to 0.20$ CPM.
    Click Exchange - Click to earn x-credits and use it to advertise what you want.
    40% DOWNLINE EARNINGS! (Up to 100% for Upgraded members)
    Minimum payout is as low as $1,02 to Alertpay or 0,3$ to Paypal, and you will receive your payment within 24-72 hours!
    We have some special offers and memberships so be sure to check those out.

    Advertisers Benefits
    Paid To Click Ads - 24h unique hits as cheap as $1.5 / 1000 Paid To Read Ads - 24h unique hits as cheap as $1.5 / 1000 Paid To Sign Up Ads - Buy signups for any site you want and monitor their activity for up to 7 days, and decide if you want to accept or deny the member
    Banners - Add your banner to our rotator, and achieve great results! Featured Banner - Add a small banner to our featured banner rotator. Featured Link / Ads - Have you link or ad promoted on every single page of our site!
    On top of this we have special offers on advertising, so check out the specials before buying!
    To show we really care about our advertisers and to make sure their credits are not getting wasted, we have set up many different ways to catch cheaters and bot users, they get kicked out of our site daily so you can be sure your ads will be seen by real people!
    All the ads are easy to set up and you can have them running in less than 5 minutes, just sign up and visit our purchase page and follow simple instructions!

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